Vanity Numbers

SOHOTelco offers vanity telephone numbers registration. So, what’s that? Well, a vanity number usually is a telephone number that is specifically chosen by the client. Usually, the number has some sort of related meaning. For example, if your company made products that were designed for use on the Fourth of July, you might want to get a telephone number to reflect that. Something like (555) 555-1776 make be a very meaningful choice in that case.

image of mechanical telephone keypadAnother example of a vanity telephone number is those numbers that spell out words. Even today, most telephone dial pads show a small group of letters underneath the number on the button. If you look at the 2 button, you’ll see ABC under the number. At the beginning of the telephone era, those letters were used to signify the exchange that was being dialed. Nowadays, we use those letters to help callers remember mundane or complex phone numbers.

A while back, Verizon unified its support group under one telephone number. They chose a vanity number that would be very easy to remember, especially if translated to letters. So, (800) 837-4966 translates to (800) VERIZON. This is a very effective way to make an important number memorable.

While numbers that translate to words are very common, there are times when you might want to consider other methods. There is still a belief that more established companies have telephone numbers that end in the number zero. Some feel that the more zeros the better. From that point of view, the number 555-5000 would be more desirable than 555-5550. Repeating numbers are also quite popular, with numbers ending in sixes, sevens or nines considered very memorable.

There is a misconception that vanity numbers are only available for toll-free area codes. Those would be the 800, 888, and 877 type of telephone numbers. While vanity numbers on these types of number are usually actively promoted, it still might be possible to get vanity numbers with numbers local to the area that you want to register. SOHOTelco can do the research necessary to try and get you a suitable number. I work with a variety of services that can help get you a memorable telephone number. Contact me about what you need to get started with your very own vanity number.