No Number Disconnected Message Here

There are many reasons to visualize a telephone number. Recently, SOHOBE helped a company that suddenly found itself without a place to conduct business. The company had a long established presence in a converted house. Much to their surprise, their landlord announced that the building had been bought by someone who wanted to occupy the house as a residence.

A new location presents many challenges, but what was at issue here was the main business phone number. It was as old as the company itself. That meant that it was on business cards, pamphlets, directory listings and other resource lists that would go back years. For it to “disappear” while a new location was worked out was a concern.

This was a perfect fit for virtualizing the number into the RingCentral system. The virtualizing allowed the number to be brought away from the landline carrier. But the number wasn’t just parked. Using RingCentral allowed for the number to have Voice Mail service with a clear announcement of the company name. This way, callers wouldn’t think that the company had closed. And by using the Ring Central Softphone app, calls could actually be answered just like they were in the office.

The solution was certainly a better alternative than customers receiving a “this number has been disconnected” message. Plus there was the added benefit of Voicemail and the ability to answer calls. Also the solution allows for the number to be used at the new address, whenever the company is ready. An added bonus was that one of the business’ owners was able to leave a personalized “leave a message” greeting, which they thought would go a long way to letting callers know they were not out-of-business.