Keep Mom and Dad’s Phone Number

Mom and Dad are moving. They’re leaving the home where you grew up, and where they spent nearly all their life. But things change. Daily tasks are harder to do. An illness makes the chores of a house difficult.

There are a lot of things to think about when making such a change. One thing that you should consider is what to do with the landline telephone number. The house phone may seem insignificant, especially in this day and age of a cellular phone in everyone’s pocket.

But that number has been associated with your family for years. Just like other important items, it’s a highly personal thing. And disconnecting it might lead to confusion with loved ones or professionals who may not be aware of a change in living situations.

If you don’t know where to start, SOHOBE can help you consider your options when making a move. There are advantages to virtualizing the number as a start. A virtualized number can let you park the number until you can make a more permanent decision about what to do with it. It also allows you to un-tether the number from the carrier or telephone service provider.

Once things settle down, you can then decide to move the number to cellular service, VoIP service or back to a landline arrangement. Should you become the main caretaker, you could alternately have the telephone route voice mail or calls to you. You might do this if you’re monitoring calls for messages from medical professionals, for example.

For more ideas and solutions, please contact me so that I can discuss possible options. Since every situation is unique, a quick discussion is the most effective way to start the process.