Cellular Services

Your cellular device—you hardly think about it. Sure you use it all the time, but you don’t think about the device much. And if you have had your device a while, you may have long forgotten about the plan attached to the device. Have you thought that maybe you should drop it?

iphone on top of a pile of moneyIf you have been thinking that it’s been awhile since you checked your rates, then it might be time to move away from the big carriers. SOHOTelco offers cellular plans powered by Red Pocket Mobile, one of the better known cellular services available. Red pocket Mobile is an American-owned company offering mobile phone and internet service on the nation’s top networks.

SOHOTelco brings limited service to Red Pocket Mobile with such conveniences as set-up and monthly billing. These services usually appeal to clients who want the lower prices they usually get over the big carriers, but who don’t want to deal with having to do things themselves.

So, if you been thinking that it might be time to re-think your cellular plans, or if you have an older cellular device that you still want to use, contact me to see if SOHOTelco can help.